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Islanders Love PEI Foxes

Across the Island there are so many people looking to help our Island Foxes.

“Our dream is to one day be able to bring a Fox Sanctuary here.”
Jamie Gallant

What's happening now?

Save PEI Foxes is a group of like minded individuals with a goal to provide a better quality of life for our foxes on Prince Edward Island. 

PEI’s Fox population has been battling mange for many years. There are foxes from one end of the Island to the other that are suffering.

Volunteers are reaching out to help sick foxes they see in their areas and Save PEI Foxes is here to help.


How We Help Foxes.

Save PEI Foxes is a volunteer organization in which relies on community support. Through donations to help bring back the health of a sick fox.

When a fox is found sick we involve the community and analyze the health of the fox. After the findings we evaluate the situation and provide the best treatment for the sick fox. 

In order to treat a mange infected fox we would require medication, food and monitoring devices to assure the fox is being treated. 

With local volunteers and neighbourhood support we monitor treatment and location of the injured fox.

Volunteers use their own gas and vehicle to travel across the Island to treat the foxes that are reported. 

How You Can Help PEI Foxes!

To operate effectively Save PEI Foxes relies on community support and donations.

Operation tools

Save PEI Foxes uses many tools to track and monitor unhealthy foxes to treat. Including batteries, SD cards and trail cameras. 

Once located and assessed medication and nutrition is usually required. 

For nutrition Save PEI Foxes purchases

  • raw liver, cow heart, raw protein, eggs, hamburger and raw fish from local suppliers. 

Medications are prescribed to treat a sick fox with mange.

Volunteers use their own gas and vehicle for travelling.

Supplies Needed

We are looking for donations for the following;