“Our Island Foxes Need Your Help.”

What is "save pei foxes"

Save PEI Foxes is a group of like minded individuals with a goal to provide a better quality of life for our foxes on Prince Edward Island. 

For over four years now PEI’s Fox population has been battling mange. There is foxes from one end of our Island to the other that are suffering. We see this daily as we are out there volunteering our own time and money to save these little ones. As of November 1st our Province invites hunters over to trap and kill the healthy ones we have left for no other reason then the love of killing or for their pelts. Our government offers these poor suffering creatures no assistance and figures this is nature taking its course. We think it’s inhumane and will keep fighting for their survival. We have many projects we are working on to make PEI a safer place for our Fox population to thrive in. 

Our Mission

We are looking for ways to bring awareness to the Island about feeding our foxes and the affects it has on their health.  

What does" the Fox say?"

“Thank you for not feeding us.”

We are wild animals and we do not eat cooked food. Eating human food in the form of scraps has too many chemicals, preservatives, nitrites and empty calories. This is what makes us sick. We require the right diet with nutrients and calories to survive and to build and keep our immune system strong.
Feeding us scraps and processed foods leads to a depressed immune system and we end up getting sick and are unable to fight off diseases.

What do we eat?
Foxes' natural diet consist of mostly mice, moles, squirrels, small birds, ducks, geese, insects, frogs, snakes and wild berries. If you cannot supply this type of food, then please don't supply any food at all. We are very capable hunters.

Our Goal

“Our dream is to one day be able to bring a Fox Sanctuary here.”

mange infected fox

This is full blown Mange at its worst…Every part of the body is now being effected. Movement is slow and painful, hunting is nearly impossible and eating is difficult. Soon this poor fox will pass from either lack of food hypothermia or organ shut down…very sad. 

How you can help!

The best way to help our Island foxes is to spread the awareness to STOP FEEDING OUR ISLAND FOXES. Unless you can provide food that is not cooked or processed and fits into a Foxes’ diet.  

We have a petition going to END THE HUNTING OF OUR ISLAND FOXES.
Please take a second to sign if you can. We would greatly appreciate it!

Every little bit helps!

We are accepting donations towards medication, food, equipment, travel, and supplies. We are also working on obtaining rehab permits because our dream is to one day be able to build a Fox Sanctuary here. We have already started to collect things that will be needed for this dream to become a reality. We will continue to be a voice for our Foxes and spread awareness about the mange epidemic here on our beautiful Island. If you want to help, please contact us by email at

Thank you all so much for your support! We can’t do this without you!
Have a Foxtastic day everyone! 

Get Involved

We are looking for support across the Island. Email us or call for information.